Rules and regulations

The full text of rules and regulations of a specific bus company is available in our office. Below you will find the most important parts.

  1. Drinking alcohol and smoking is forbidden;
  2. Companies do not offer animal transportation services*1;
  3. A bus company is not responsible for the passengers who do not have documents required to travel between countries;
  4. Provided details concerning dates, prices and layovers may change;
  5. Due to increased interest in holiday seasons, it is suggested to do the booking for these periods much earlier.


*1 - Some bus companies allow the transportation of small animals in the off-season


Airlines' rules and regulations

The rules and regulations of specific airlines are binding. Attention: the tickets of budget airlines are non-refundable. There are only few situations where you may apply for such a refund.



Any information published on our website may be updated and is not a basis for making any claims against the service providers and agencies selling tickets.